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Mc Carter5 star
Been coming here since 2003. Always a great experience, attention to detail and customer service.
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Fernando Armani— 5 star
Awesome job on my car! Everything was done with care and the tints look great!

Rene Allard— 5 star
I had an Alpine radio installed in my car by a place in Springfield. My iPhone paired with it without a problem, I could hear incoming audio, but the microphone didn’t work for calls or voice commands. The Springfield guys said it’s my phone and they couldn’t help me.  Friday I sent an email to Car Trends and they said to bring it in and they would check it.  It took minutes, they found the problem (it was NOT my phone but they installed the microphone wrong), fixed it, and didn’t charge me a penny.  Great service and very professional.
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Barry Bladen 5 star
Tai was great.  He really knows his stuff.  I went in to have a sub amp and tint done to my car.  I talked with Tai for about 15 min about what would be best for my taste and budget and he gave me a great deal and the shop was able to do the work right away.  Less then 3 hours later my car was done and I am very very happy with everything.  I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for great professional service and products.
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Alicia Walker5 star
Before moving to Ohio I always brought my vehicles to car trendz, always got great service.  I just took my truck to a recommended shop here where I moved…all I can say is I MISS CAR TRENDZ!! Everything that could be going wrong is.  I’ve now been in 4 times and all I got done was viper smartstart and a new head unit.  Wish I got this done before I moved and saved myself a headache.  Car Trendz is the best.
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Marlene Fernandez5 star

Fast service, good advice, great customer service and affordable rates.
Absolutely exceptional.
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Andrea Villatoro5 star

Outstanding service! Great prices! Tai helped me out with everything I needed! Thanks so much Car Trendz! My car looks amazing!
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Michael Dubin5 star

Car Trendz did an amazing job on my car. It is not an average vehicle it actually is designed for someone in a wheelchair. They fully customize and integrated screens in both the sun visors and overhead. They installed a new head unit, tinted all the Windows, and overall did a fantastic job installing. if ever I have any further customization needs This will be the place I come!.
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Voyex Joshua Ace5 star

Good customer service has been coming for years.
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Ale Orante’s5 star

Got a remote starter today at Car Trendz. Great service very professional and good price will do business again in the future.
Highly recommend to everyone!
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Jay FiveGearz5 star

Stopped in before heading home from a job site in Alexandria, Tai is very polite and helpful… Asked a few questions and he answered them without any hesitation. He also let me have a few Car Trendz decals I told him even tho I haven’t bought anything I always believe in supporting. I usually stop by new “custom car audio” stores and this one was small but nice.

Nico Paz5 star

This place is always my goto for any of my car electronics needs. The guys here take pride in their work and are honest. I’ve been doing business with Tai for at least 15 years if not longer. You don’t get loyalty like that unless the work and service are second to none. I’ve had everything from custom stereo installs to my tires getting done here. I’m not the kind of person that likes to put stickers all over their car but for this shop, I made an exception and Car Trendz will always have my business!

If you’re looking for the very best – you’ve found the place.  This place is full of car electronics & accessories.  I’ve been coming to this place for all of my stereo upgrades for many years.  The services are always great. Clean shop and professional staff.  I highly recommended.

Tito M.
Arlington, VA

 The BEST early Christmas present EVER! Tai not only made a quick appointment which fit into my schedule but he had an employee named Giovanni give me a ride home and then pick me up around 5 hours later when the remote starter installation was complete. Being able to remote-start my car in the wee hours of the morning to have it warmed up before I go to work is fantastic. I’m very happy with the product and the service. Kudos to Tai and Car Trendz!

Susi B.
Alexandria, VA

The owner Tai is very knowledgeable and helps customers decide what audio devices/alarms/remote starters will best work for their vehicle. I purchased a Viper SmartStart system and they set me up with an appointment that not only convenient for my schedule but a fast professional turn around time!

Frankie H.
Pomfret, MD

I must agree with the earlier positive reviews on Car Trendz.  This business is top-notch.
I brought my vehicle in for a diagnostic check of the stereo audio and battery charging systems.  (The former appeared to be draining the latter.)  Car Trendz’ manager (Tai) and his technical crew completed within hours that same afternoon a thorough (one-hour) electrical diagnostic check ($65) and identified two causative factors (one with the radio and another more important one in a non-radio component (GEM) under the dash).  (Only weeks earlier, my regular auto mechanic, who’s pretty good, was unable to identify these causes.)
Tai and his crew then walked me through their diagnosis, using their equipment to demonstrate their discoveries.  They then outlined for me the solutions.  That’s all I needed that day from them.
No hard sells.  No unprofessional behavior.  Just top-notch folks doing a great job running a young business.
I won’t hesitate going back whenever there’s a future need.

Robert H.
Alexandria, VA

“Car Trendz, great customer service. The owner is personable and very professional. They have great stuff there and are very flexible in scheduling. Called and got my installation on the same day! I love having these new iPod /Auxiliary jacks in my car. Don’t trust your electronics with shops with bad reviews. I love Car Trendz.”

Glenda E.
Annadale, VA

I had them install an alarm in my car several years ago and it’s been working great. Now, we are shipping our car and need to have the alarm disconnected. Went back to Car Trendz and they were happy to help us out! They put together a clever fuse that we can easily pull out when we’re ready to hand over the car – and readily put back in when we retrieve our car. They rock!

Jay T.
Alexandria, VA

This place is top-notch and backs up its service. Tai helped me with a stereo install in August that brought my 8-year-old but otherwise perfectly fine SUV up to date, installing Bluetooth, Blu-ray, Navigation, full iPhone integration including video play, while still keeping basic controls with my factory steering wheel.  It was a premium-priced install, but given Tai’s great reputation, I felt it worth the extra investment.  Paid off this week when Tai had his crew bend over backward to help me solve a problem with my electrical system that had nothing to do with their install.   You’d never get that at Best Buy or even your average independent shop.   A+ integrity.”

Ian L.
Food and Wine nerd
Washington, DC

“I already had satellite radio installed in my car but wanted a new receiver. The owner explained everything very clearly and gave me an estimate on how much it would cost. I was a bit nervous since I’m not very technology savvy and I think they explained things to me a lot more than most.   I went in at 2 PM. and my car was ready by  4:30 PM. with a new GPS/Satelite radio/CD-DVD player on the same day. It was expensive, but I felt that I was in better hands than if I went to Best Buy. Before I left, a tech showed me the basics of how to operate everything and told me to come back if I had any more questions. Going to Car Trendz was totally worth it.”

Adrienne B
Alexandria, VA

“Saw Tai yesterday to install a replacement factory stereo for my Honda Accord.  Did a good job and fast (under 20 minutes!).  I would definitely recommend using him.  Finding a good radio installation and repair shop is getting harder all the time but Car Trendz is the last of a dying breed in the area.”

Jay D.
Charleston, SC

“It’s place was referred to me by someone in Silver Spring and was very pleased with the job they did and the service. I would definitely drive there from Silver Spring for more modifications.”

Rithy L.
Washington, DC

“The staff was able to help me choose a radio and install it in less than an hour. I was very impressed with the service and would go back if I needed another radio.”

Hugh H.
Alexandria, VA

“Am a long way from home but I gotta go with the best so I made the trek to car TRENDZ for my audio setup. The independent store carries ALPINE, PIONEER and JL audio speakers and tuners only. If you are not a fan of these labels you will be disappointed.

TAI the boss man came to assist me with what I should have in my car.
He is extremely helpful in matching what you need and helps with working on the budget if you have any. Be prepared to shell out some serious cash coz it can get expensive. The 2 installers are EXCELLENT. They do their jobs right the first time and reasonable wait time.
Overall, I would recommend this shop to anyone who wants to pimp their vehicles. Don’t forget to grab a FREE pen and keychain on your way out!!”

Al K.
read all about it!
Fairfax, VA

“Car Trendz is where you go after you rack your brains in trying to find what you need for your ride,…Tai knows best ask him. Automatic start they got it! If you like doing business with only good people go to Car Trendz…”

Sean F.
Arlington, VA

“Highly Recommended. Tai and his crew have always done a great job. Have had a few unexpected problems with installations but they always work hard to make things right, even if it requires them staying until 11pm to make it happen.”

Jesse B.
I like to eat
Alexandria, VA

“I can’t say enough positive things about my experience here with Tai, the owner of Car Trendz.  I purchased a stereo online which creates many issues with finding an installer.  Most businesses will not install a unit that wasn’t purchased from them.  Not a problem for Car Trendz!

This was a particularly difficult installation that required some custom fabrication/cutting based on what I had read on online forums for my car.  I called around other local businesses, and Tai was the most upfront about all of the costs and what would or wouldn’t be included and was easily the most knowledgeable about the specifics of an installation for a car like mine.

Tai quoted me a price that was in line or cheaper than the competition, and I personally found him to be much more professional than most of the shops I spoke with. And most importantly, the end results look flawless!

All food is good except the tiresome kind.
Washington, DC

“I was very pleased with the excellent service when I replaced a car radio a few days ago.  I only wanted a basic radio and was not pressured in any way to spring for a more expensive model.  The installation was quick and professional.”

Mike S.”
Alexandria, VA

“Can’t say enough good things about this place.  After the nightmare that was Best Buy’s Geek Squad, the crews at Car Trendz were quick and efficient.  And oh man, does this new unit sound great! Made the intro call on Monday, install was completed before lunchtime on Wednesday. Everything was explained clearly. Prices were fair. Great selection of Alpine products. If you need to upgrade your car stereo, this is the place to go in NoVa.”

Sean L.
Arlington VA

“My first visit to Car Trendz. I was very pleased with the way they took care of my Cadillac. The price for my radio installation was well below what I was expecting. The owner and his staff went above and beyond to get my installation done and to meet any of my concerns. They even called me back after I left to tell me that they had figured out how to do something that they told me couldn’t be done.  When I picked up my car I was blown away by what they had done. It looked like the radio had been part of the car since day one!  I have since recommended several people to Car Trendz and will not hesitate to do it again.”

Upper Marlboro, MD

“I recently made some calls about a good place to have a new stereo installed.  Car Trendz name came up several times. Great advice and immaculate installation all done efficiently and on appointment. Much better job than the last install at Myer Emco.
Know the prices are a little more than best buy, but the service, advice, and quality has it all over the big guys”

Larry B.
Washington D.C.

“You really do get what you pay for.  If you’re expecting Best Buy and Circuit City installation prices than go elsewhere. I had purchased a complete sound system off of Amazon and provided Tai and his crew with what I was trying to achieve. He knew all of the door speaker sizes off the top of his head and knew where you could and couldn’t channel and loom certain wires. Very impressed with his knowledge. The Tech was courteous and did a bang up job mounting my rear sub and tucking the wiring. I pulled the rear seat and noticed that all wire was taped and loomed. They also build their own amp kits w/heavy duty wiring, distribution block and inline fuses. Custom mounted tweeters turned out great and would you believe all of the door clips, trim and dash pieces were reinstalled properly.

Highly recommended for a worry-free approach to car audio installation.”

Edward M.
Alexandria, VA

“Tai and his staff do the high-end professional installation of any electronic equipment for your vehicle period!  I went to another car audio installer before going to Car Trendz and was totally disappointed the job looked like it was done by a 16yr old neighbor kid!   But at Car Trendz, their work is Top Notch think West Coast Customs or Pimp my Ride!!! These guys at Car Trendz are the real deal and id travel the extra distance to go to them! I highly recommend them and there higher costs are for a good reason they are Pros and know what they are doing!
Extremely happy customer!”

Charles A.
Fort Belvoir, VA

“got my gps navigation system installed here and very happy with the custom works and services.   I definitely recommend this place to everyone I know.
I am extremely thrilled with the service!

Kenny W.
Springfield, VA

“Normally not one to write reviews, but trying to find a decent car audio installer isn’t easy.  Tai and his crew are great.  Had a full install, minus head unit — speakers, amp, sub, iPod interface, sound processor.  It was a big job and while it did take all day it was done right! Actually, the work went longer than their close of business, but the guys stayed late and finished the job so I could pick up the car that evening.  Would definitely recommend.”

David B.
Alexandria, VA

“I went to Car Trendz to have them fix a faulty XM and iPod installation that had been done at the Tenleytown Best Buy.  Tai and crew did exactly what I hoped, diagnosed the problem, corrected faulty settings from the first installation, and created an interface where both XM and iPod worked seamlessly with my Prius. They kept me apprised of their work each step of the way, and at the end, went over every aspect of their work. The customer service aspect was excellent. Of course, I wish I had gone there in the first place, but all’s well that ends well. I highly recommend Car Trendz…”

Jeff R.
Washington D.C.

“Went to see Car Trendz because of good reviews here.  Read all the reviews and believe it!  Tai knows what customer service is and knows his business.  As long as this shop is open, it will be the first choice for my car audio and alarm needs.  Tai and his crew did a great job on my new car.  You get what you pay for and his work is definitely worth the price.  I highly recommend this shop and will be taking my future cars to him.”

Thu L.
Springfield, VA

“Awesome place to purchase audio equipment for your vehicle and have it installed.  Great service.  The owner, Tai, is professional and friendly.  Took approximately 30 – 45 minutes from choosing the Alpine radio/CD unit until it was installed and my car returned to me.  The installer even took time to explain how the unit functioned.  Wonderful experience.”

Leslie C.
Alexandria, VA

“It comes down to this: you get what you pay for. I’ve got nothing bad to say about Best Buy, but I can assure you there is no relationship between us. I drove from Rockville, MD all the way out to see Tai & have his guys installed a JVC unit purchased off Amazon into my 2000 Infiniti.  This review isn’t about the flawless installation & clean job, but more about the people that worked on my car. Tai & I shot the shit, I asked him about custom paint jobs & he gave me one of his buddy’s business cards, I asked him what sub, speakers & amp he recommended for my car & did not push me to buy but rather advised me.

I can’t say enough about them.

@ the end of the day, I support small business. Everybody wins @ Car Trendz. Do right by your automobile & have Tai take care of you. You’ll be happy he did. Thanks, man! See you in the future…”

Spanky M.
Silver Spring, MD

“We received a new car stereo for Christmas and needed to get it installed.  Drove out to Car Trendz from DC.  The owner, Tai, was very nice and told us that it would take a couple hours.  When we told him we drove from DC and didn’t have another car, he said he would try to get it done as soon as possible.  It was done in just under an hour.  We ate lunch at a country restaurant next door.  Slightly more expensive than other places quoted us.  A great experience overall.  Highly recommend.”

Nick D.
Washington, D.C.

“Tai is an excellent businessman!!!  I’ve been going to his shop for almost two years and he performs top notch work.   I have referred other customers to his shop and I truly enjoy his staff. If you want superior work on your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to come to his establishment.”

Berverly Bch, MD

These guys are absolute best.

“I have been to Car Trendz two times now. The first time was to have my new Sirius radio installed in my Tahoe. I made an appointment for the next day and was in and out in 2 hours. I read the Post and had breakfast at the Country Kitchen restaurant next door. Very quick and professional.

The second time was in January.  I called Tai at 4pm the day before I left Alexandria for San Diego. I wanted to take my radio with me. I explained my situation to him and he said bring it over. I came right over and both his bays were full and would be for some time.

Tai came out to my car parked in front of his shop armed with only a screwdriver. It was dark and freezing cold. Without even using the screwdriver he disassembled and removed my entire dashboard. He traced and removed all power cords, antenna wiring, radio and other stuff in there I didn’t even know they had installed originally.

It was all over in less than 45 minutes.

We went in to settle up and he said don’t worry about it, have a good trip.

Two encounters with Car Trendz and I would without any hesitation or reservations recommend them highly. They are serious about service. This is why we all should be patronizing our local small business owners in our neighborhoods.

They are the real deal. They should have their own reality show. They are superstars.”

Patrick G.
Washington, D.C.

“Tai, the owner, is a great guy, very friendly and professional.
I went to another car audio shop near my home to have a car DVD/Navigation System installed in my Mustang and the guy there messed it up. I took my Mustang back to let the guy there fix it many times but they could not get it done right.
So, I did a search on the internet and found CAR TRENDZ.
Took my Mustang to CAR TRENDZ and within 45 minutes, Tai fixed it all. No more issues and I am very happy with his works.
I thought I saved lots of money by going to the other shop because they were a lot cheaper, but I had found out the hard way.
Don’t go anywhere else because I know Tai is hornet and he does the job right.

I definitely recommend him to everyone I know. I am extremely thrilled with his service!”

Kenny Wright
Vienna, VA

“They are the real deal!!! Brought my 09 TRD Scion TC to them, to put HID lights (6000K) and Fog lights along with HIDs(3000K). They did a flawless JOB!! Only took 2 hours! Great price for the work they did! Defiantly recommend anybody to them! A++++”

A Google User

“Wow! I am so happy I found Car Trendz on Yelp! Tai & his crew are AMAZING & very dedicated.  I came in with a huge wish list (back up camera, iPod hook up, 3 DVD screens, lighting, GPS integration) creating a tall order to have a clean set up.  For my SUV model at first look, it appeared the right products were not yet on the market to achieve what I specifically wanted so Tai came up with unique suggestions & solutions that would work.  What is truly remarkable about him is that afterward he called around to several places without giving up and was able to find everything we needed to make it the flawless clean set up I originally wanted. 2 of the items were so recently released that there was no way someone could find the products without the extra research.  Tai was very fast & got me in sooner than expected. They worked all day on my SUV.  After picking up the vehicle, he trained me on how everything worked.  It appeared perfect but soon after one of the installed products ended up being defective & Tai worked extra hard to get the new part in & expedite the replacement work done.  Tai worked on my vehicle with the dedication and effort as if it were his own!  I find that the ultimate customer service.  I am extremely thrilled with the outcome!  A million thank you’s to Tai & crew!”

M. Scuderi

“Just moved to Alexandria area and had issues with an aftermarket system in my Dodge Ram 2500. On May 9 (yesterday) I did a simple search for car stereo shops in my area and called Car Trendz since they were closest. After explaining my trouble to the person on phone he simply told me to bring it in for a look. Before heading out I read all the reviews and they by far live up to all the outstanding previous comments!

I drove over to Car Trendz and met the owner, Tai. Within 10 minutes of talking with him and looking over my existing speaker problem, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and had an awesome display of Alpine equipment. Since my existing head unit was an Alpine I asked him to show me what new speakers would be a match for my radio, amp, and sub. Tai showed me several levels of speakers and let me listen to them with his impressive sound set-up. Because of his no-nonsense sales approach (no hard pushy sales tactics or see through BS) I decided to not only get a set of Alpine components but decided to buy the latest digital amp, and rear speakers to augment my system. I even asked for the next higher level set of speakers and Tai stated that it would not be worth the money in the long run (how often do you hear the truth from sales folks these days?)

I built an immediate rapport with Tai and decided to leave my truck there last night for install today. He even had one of his tech’s give me a ride home which was high class! This afternoon Tai called me to report in on what they had found during my install. Turns out Best Buy really did a mess of a job wiring my head unit in last year and that his techs (both sure friendly and informative guys) totally cleaned it all up free of charge -not without a proper tip though. Also, that my existing sub box fiberglass had rotted and cracked over time. Tai kindly suggested an alternative which would maximize my new amp and sub, but stated that he would make the best of the old sub box if I desired. I decided to bump up to TWO subs in a specific pick up truck type sub box. I was terrified of how big this bill would turn out!

Today when I arrived Tai took me in the back and along with Eddie and Tito, they showed me all the custom work they did to mount the components, amp, and unbelievable subs. The quality and professionalism clearly showed in how clean everything appeared even prior to a sound check. They even applied new Alpine R decals in place of the old stock Infinity ones on the door panels! Eddie finely tuned the amp to the sub and speakers and then performed an unreal display for me. I was totally blown away by the transformation which occurred in my prestigious ride! And the bill was nowhere near what I thought I was gonna be inflicted with too! Their customer service was the best I have ever seen, DO NOT listen to any review stating he is rude and obnoxious. If you know your car stereo stuff you will love talking shop, if you don’t know your way around then this place is a must for sound education and high-end equipment and install.

I drove home grinning from ear to ear as I listened to every favorite song on my iPod! Every high note was crystal clear and crisp, every thump of the bass turned heads in cars next to me, and the piece of mind that all my new Alpine gear and wiring was installed by a company who takes pride in what they are doing made this the very best choice I made this year! Long review? Absolutely! But I hope you find it useful and take the time to go visit Tai and his crew next time you want an upgrade. They now have a customer for life in me!!”

Semper Fidelis!!
B. Fitzgerald

“Car Trendz is not just an A/V shop, but a place to customize your ride(s) for self-expression or to build a fantasy ride. I’ve been a Car Trendz customer (and unofficial spokesperson) for over 8 years.  Why Car Trendz? Tai Nguyen.  He is a true professional businessman, installer, fabricator and car-nut. His vast knowledge of the ever-changing technology, genres, fads and flavors spans throughout the shop’s history.  Various competition shows/displays and a multitude of customer and private vehicles bear the Car Trendz ‘stamp of approval’ logo. I should know as both of my cars are products of Car Trendz’s mad-scientists for audio, video, GPS and security.  It doesn’t surprise me that Tai has customers driving in from beyond the tri-state area, or that they are willing to leave their prized possessions to be cut, probed, stripped, drilled and hammered into ‘new freaks of nature’.  What would surprise me is someone coming up with an idea that Tai and his crew haven’t already contemplated, calculated, tested and executed.”

Joe Peaks

“I wanted to let you know everything is working great and you really did an awesome job on my Corvette. Your work looks better than it would come from the factory. I look forward to being a continuing customer and will recommend your work to all of my friends.”

Steve Ledbetter

“I’ve been a Car Trendz customer for 5 years.  Tai has taken good care of me every time I’ve come in.  He takes the time to find out what I need and then works for me to find what I want at the price that I’m looking for.  He stays on top of the latest technology and you can always find something new when you stop by.  I really appreciate Tai’s expertise and attention; you can feel confident that he will do you right.

Laurence Geloner

“Tai is a great guy.  I went to another audio shop to have a system added to my vehicle and the guy there messed it up.  After that, I took it to Tai and he fixed it all.  He did $3000 worth of work for me.  There was no problem whatsoever with anything, and Tai was always prompt in taking care of it all.  He has helped me out tremendously.  I have been a customer for 3 months.  Everything’s always been in and out, and I never had problems with prices.  I definitely recommend him to other people.  If you go to someone else, you might get not get what you want and end up with a lot less than you bargained for.  With Tai, you’re going to get more than your money’s worth and that’s a fact.”

Mike Flanagan

“I’ve been a Car Trendz customer for about a year and a half now.  The last project I had done with Tai was having rims put on my Magnum.  I like that Tai is flexible on prices and when he says he’s going to have something in by a certain time he’s true to his word.  When he says something is going to be done, it’s done.  That kind of work ethic is seriously hard to find.  Tai is a very reliable person and he’s upfront about what exactly the cost is going to be for a project.  Tai is absolutely the first person I would recommend to someone needing accessories and maintenance for their vehicle. “

Mark Bunell

“Tai has worked on about 4 different vehicles of mine.  He’s trustworthy and reliable, and stands behind his products 100%.  He gives good recommendations on which accessories and installations I should add to my vehicles.  I trust his judgment on all of his work as he has always provided good clean installations.  I had a couple of warranty issues from product defects and Tai took care of it right away and replaced the products without hesitation.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone.  I had an unusual project that I needed him to do, involving placing a camera on a piece of construction equipment.  This was definitely outside his normal scope of operation but still, he was able to figure it out and it turned out to be a great install.  I would definitely recommend this business to anyone looking to accessorize their vehicle.”

Jae Kang

“Tai knows everything that’s on the market and what’s available.  I tell him what I want and if he doesn’t have it he researches until he finds it.  He has the knowledge and expertise to find the part and the skills to make it work.  Within the past month I was having problems with my Escalade dying on me.  I took it in for him to look at it.  He found that it was the battery so he changed it out and never charged me for it.  That’s very rare to find someone that goes to such lengths for their customers.  Also if I have trouble making something work on my Escalade I go visit him and he very patiently shows me what to do.  I really enjoy working with him.  I take all of my vehicles to him.  I’d rather take my cars to him and have him work on them than have anyone else do it, even if that means it will cost more by going to him.  I won’t even take my vehicles to a tire place to have the tires maintained; I only go to Car Trendz.  I always recommend him to everyone who asks where I have my Escalade worked on.”

Fred Farmers
Alexandria, VA

“I’ve been a Car Trendz customer for about a month now.  The customer service is good.  As soon as you walk in they want to help you out and give you a lot of options to choose from.  Tai is good at what he does, and he treats his customers right. When I had a problem with my car alarm he had no problem fixing it for me.  I have already recommended him to a couple of my friends.”

Douglas Penado

“I’ve been a customer of Car Trendz for about 4 years.  Tai has a great selection of products to offer.  Being a regular customer of his, if I have a problem I can stop by his shop and he will drop whatever he is doing to fix my problem immediately.  I’ve purchased rims, tires, and alarm systems from him over the years and he’s always done an excellent job.  I would recommend him to anyone.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else because I know he is honest and he does the job right.”

Dennis Wheaton
Alexandria, VA

“The main thing I like about Car Trendz is their customer service.  Tai is very precise with his work.  I can appreciate that, being a perfectionist myself especially when it comes to my car. He is very ethical and honest about his work and the work performed on my vehicles is completed right the first time; repeat visits are not necessary.  I have complete peace of mind when my vehicles are in Tai’s hands. The shop’s security system allows for a complete shop overview no matter where he is working. From custom to “regular” install the same approach was taken. No matter what kind of vehicle it is, the same time and attention is given to it is guaranteed. All the wires are tucked away and everything is professional and perfect.  One other impressive detail was that the items needed for my custom install were in stock. Other locations required in order to be placed to retrieve the items I needed for my vehicle.  Tai had all the information at hand and In Stock!!  I think that’s pretty rare wherever you go.  I recommend him to everyone I know and would never go anywhere else but to Car Trendz to have my car accessorized.”

Daniel Gordon
Prince George County, MD

“I first went to Car Trendz two months ago to have a Pioneer system installed in my car.  I didn’t want some guy from one of the major corporate chains going in and trashing my car.  I found Car Trendz and decided to give them a try.  First of all, I really liked the fact that I was able to deal directly with the owner (Tai).  He was very professional and answered my questions quickly and to the point.  While working on my car they took their time with it; they didn’t rush it through so they could go on to the next project.  Their install was professional, clean and worked perfectly the first time.  I also thought the price was great for what they had done.  It shows that Tai has been doing this for a long time and I really appreciated that when the product was finished.  I’ve worked in radio for about 15 years so make sure that everything is perfect is a big deal to me.”

Chad Wilkinson
Alexandria, VA

“I’m a professional Dee Jay, so the sound is my business. I met Tai in 1987, and I’ve been doing business with him ever since, because he’s a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of the sound systems he installs and the clean appearance of the installations.  Recently, he installed systems in my mobile entertainment trucks, and they sound fantastic.  When you tell him you need a sound system, he’ll ask you what kind of music you listen to. Then he’ll build a system around your preferences.  He’ll make sure you have a great experience with your music.”

Norman Minor
“Storman Norman”
Washington DC Dee Jay

“I’ve been a Car Trendz customer for more than four years, and Tai has worked on several vehicles for me.  He recently installed an Alpine IVA-W200 multi-media player in my console and an Alpine 10.2-inch flip-down monitor in the rear of my Nissan Titan.  A lot of places I went to before finding Car Trendz scratched my interior, broke plastic clips and damaged my vehicles.  I can always count on Tai for a professional installation.  His work is flawless and his prices are very competitive.  You can’t go wrong with Car Trendz.”

Lomack Gray
Woodbridge, VA

“I’ve been a Car Trendz customer for about four years, and the reason I keep going back is Tai Nguyen’s honesty.  The stuff I buy for my Yukon – amplifiers, speakers, strobe lights, TVs, DVD players – are not necessities.  They are things I enjoy and simply want.  That’s why it is so important to deal with an honest person.  I trust his judgment when he recommends one product over another or one way to do the installation over another.  He does quality work every time.

John Tillman
Alexandria, VA

“Car Trendz has installed my navigation system and all of my stereo systems since 1999, including the one in my current Cadillac. I don’t trust a lot of people with my cars; the big chain stores tend to use inexperienced people, and it shows.  Tai is very experienced. He advises me on what is best for each car, and when he’s finished with it, the stereo system looks like it was the original equipment from the factory – wires are carefully hidden, very clean work.”

Devin Farmer
Clinton, MD

I am a very satisfied, repeat customer of Car Trendz. Tai Nguyen has installed electronics in three vehicles for me – mine, my wife’s and my company vehicle.  I basically knew what I wanted, but Tai helped me with his own suggestions and ideas.  He installed an alarm system, backup camera, and LCD televisions in my car. He then installed a backup camera, DVD player and head-rest LCDs in my wife’s car. When I bought my company vehicle, he installed a CompuSTAR alarm system in it.  Every installation was done professionally.  I really like the fact that Tai treats my vehicles like they are his own, and that says a lot.  He does a neat, clean, professional job.  He promises quick turnaround time, and he delivers it.”

Joseph Yang
Alexandria, VA

“I recommend that you go to Car Trendz for their professional service and knowledge on the product side and the quality of their installations. If you have a problem or concern, the owner, Tai Nguyen, is always responsive to great customer service.  If there is any problem, he is very flexible and his goal is to make you happy with his work. On my ’06 Chevrolet Avalanche, he installed a rear-view camera, rear fog lights, and a connection so that I could play my iPod through my stereo system.  Well done!”

Jeff Noce
Alexandria, VA

“I really like the fact that Tai Nguyen always tells me the truth about equipment I’m considering buying. He would rather sell me the right things that I need than let me get something that won’t last. He installed a great sound system in my Mustang, some other electronics in my Pickup, and has done other installations for my family and my work trucks. Tai does really good, clean work, and he hides all of the wirings.  I recommend Car Trendz to my own customers who need electronics installed in their vehicles.”

Stephen Price
Big Daddy Towing
Alexandria, VA

“I found Tai and Car Trendz when I was looking for a car stereo place to fix the terrible installation another company had done.  Tai inspected the original installation, made some suggestions, asked me to leave the car and pick it up the next day. When I went back the original wiring had been cleaned up, the system was installed correctly and everything was working exactly the way it was supposed to.  Not only did Tai do a great job, he’s an authorized dealer for the car head unit I have, he belongs to the Better Business Bureau (which means he’s trustworthy) and he does fine work.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tai and Car Trendz to all of my extremely picky friends.  Tai and Car Trends is great.  Highly recommended.“Ken F.
Network Engineer

“I visited Car Trendz in Dec. 2008 to have a Navigation/DVD/iPod system installed into my 2007 CR-v and Mr. Tai assisted me with everything I needed. Car Trendz did a wonderful job of installing my system. Tai and his employee(s) kept my vehicle clean and neat in the process. My car was completed on time and the transaction was handled very professionally.

I highly recommend Car Trendz to everyone.

Lori CP
Fort Washington, MD

“My requirement for a replacement “radio” unit in my car (2001 Carrera 4) was one that had, at a minimum, AM/FM, Navigation, Bluetooth and an iPod connection.  I narrow the search down to Alpine, and Eclipse.  Eventually, I decided on the Alpine since the unit I was replacing was also an Alpine. What I needed was a professional installation, not a jury-rigged job.  Searching the Internet I found Car TrendZ in Alexandria. The website for Car TrendZ had numerous testimonials about how well the owner, Tai Nguyen, installed units and made them look like OEM installs.  I paid the store a call and Tai was extremely helpful in choosing between the Alpine and Eclipse as well as telling me what needed to be done to make the install look professional. Tai installed the Alpine (IVA-W505) absolutely perfect. The unit fits perfect in the dash and every capability of the unit worked perfectly. While installing the unit and all the complex wiring he also removed about 5 lbs. of wiring from the old unit. I would have no reservations about recommending Car Trendz and Tai with any unit install; he does a great job.

Steve Shrobo
Fairfax, VA


8164 Richmond Hwy Alexandria VA 22309